In most businesses old documents have been retained and some businesses are still receiving physical documents on a daily basis. These documents may need to be digitized in order to preserve the material for the future. In some cases, there are legal requirements and in other cases there may be other reasons for wanting to preserve the originals. By digitizing physical documents, they can be made more easily accessible for those who work in the business as well as for other stakeholders, even made available for the public if desired. As a result, the physical documents can be stored in a purpose-built archive that keeps them safer.

Digitization of documents is an area where we have cutting-edge expertise and where we can offer professional solutions for both small and large businesses. When you hire us, you get access to professional equipment and staff who know how to best convert the documents into sustainable formats with relevant metadata that make the material searchable and more easily accessible for different types of applications. We can also help with conversions which, in addition to documents, also contain other types of documents in various formats, such as drawings.

To be sure that the digital documents that are created are sustainable for the future, we save the material in the formats that are internationally recognized in archive contexts. An example of this is the PDF/A format, which is an ISO standard and offers the same advantages as standard PDF files when it comes to storing texts and images.

If you are missing an e-archive for near term or long term storage, you can look at our e-archive, SmartArchive, which is very flexible and user-friendly.

We have done many digitization projects over the years, to name a few; Arlandabanan (the airport train), Baxter, Ellevio (drawings), Danica Pension (Futur Pension), Kalmar Municipality (school grades), Stockholm City Housing Authority, Svedab (Öresund Bridge) and Umeå Municipality (school grades).


Some of the advantages of digitizing analog information:

There is a copy of the physical documents in case something happens, eg. fire or water damage

The physical documents can be stored in a remote purpose-built archive to retain quality and keep them safe

Destroy the physical documents and create more space if there is no requirement to archive them

The digital documents are readily available within seconds instead of hours

The digital documents can be accessed from anywhere

It is easier to control access to individual documents with digital access control

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Creative Branding. Effective Marketing. Smart Copywriting.