About SmartArchive

Eliminate both the waste of time and the risks

Searching for information stored on paper in folders and cabinets is a typical everyday task for a lot of companies. It takes a lot of time and can become costly, especially if the information has been lost or destroyed. With our e-archive, SmartArchive, you will eliminate both time waste and risks while at the same time making employees and customers more content. 

SmartArchive can store all sorts of digital information in a secure manner and there is no limit to the number of documents that can be stored, or the type of documents can be scanned. We have solutions to every issue you might face.

Some organizations allow us to run all of their digitizing while others prefer that we install a scanner so that they can run the whole process themselves. Whatever path you chose, we will create a more automatic archiving, which simplifies the process, ensure that nothing is lost and improves the speed to access the information. 


Some of the benefits with SmartArchive are:

You can find the information in question in a matter of seconds instead of hours.

It is available anywhere at any time

It follows bank standards when it comes to security classification

It provides both access and rights control – the correct information for the correct person

If you have used SmartScan to digitize your archive, the digital copy provides you with the exact location of the analogue copy in the archive

Following the above point, If the digital copy is deleted, you will not need to remove the analogue copy even if it contains personal data

SmartArchive is easy use – training needed to use the system is minimal

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