About SmartContract

Keep track of all agreements, and don't miss a due date

Keep track of all agreements, and don't miss a due date

Managing contracts is demanding when it comes to resources and costs. For instance, the opportunity to cancel or renegotiate a contract before it is automatically renewed is often overlooked.

SmartContract is a contracts management system that offers full control for all of the organization’s contracts and where the contract’s administrator is reminded when a contract is close to expire, thereby getting the opportunity to renegotiate or cancel it. 

Customer agreements, framework agreements, supplier agreements, employment contracts or partnership agreements can be kept restricted for different types of users. The access level of a specific type of contract is centrally managed. Individual employees can, depending on rights, get quick and easy access to the contracts and as such work with the information according to their needs. 


Some of the benefits with SmartArchive are:

It can handle all types of contracts: Suppliers, Customers, Employment, etc.

When a contract is scanned and entered into the system it becomes easy to find and with OCR even the information in the contract can be found

Automated reminders can be set for when the expiration date approaches

Access and rights control for individual employees is provided

Possibility to categorize and define the contracts in accordance to the organization’s needs

It can communicate with your outlook calendar

Global access to the contracts is available wherever there is internet access

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