About SmartFlow

A complete digital case management system

A complete digital case management system

SmartFlow is a task management system that is primarily aimed at organizations that work with private individuals, both with structured information – forms, forms, orders – via mail or web forms and unstructured information, for example incoming emails.

A task usually starts by the arrival of a document, e-mail or when the customer fills in a web form on the website. The emails and web forms can be imported into SmartFlow automatically, while incoming documents needs to be scanned into the system. 

The representative can then tag all tasks and documents with correct basic information. All the information available helps the representative to make the right decision and to do things in the right order. To include as much information as possible and to match incoming documents with open tasks speeds up the process and improves customer experience.

Our SmartFlow solution is a complete digital task management system where tasks can be generated via scanned documents, e-mails, web forms, e-signed agreements or created directly in the system, for example an incoming call. 


Some of the benefits with SmartFlow are:

Automatic handling of incoming tasks:

Physical documents are scanned, classified, interpreted and imported

Web forms are classified and imported

Emails are imported via Exchange integration

New tasks can also be posted directly in the system, for example tasks that come in via phone or tasks that are transferred from personal e-mail

Full free text search makes it easy to find documents related to a person or a task

There is color coding related to task status and the opportunity to make notes both related to the task and to each document belonging to the task. The notes are also searchable thru the search function.

Access and rights management so that each department or representative can only access and handle tasks assigned to them

If you handle personal data, SmartFlow can help you follow GDPR when it comes to find, provide and delete information (right to be forgotten) and to follow up on incidents.

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