About SmartHrm

A safer way to share documents

SmartHRM is a cloud service with full permission and rights management, which makes it easy to share documents without the risk of unauthorized persons being able to access them even if you are in different locations. The system also has full traceability, which makes it easier to follow GDPR. SmartHRM allows you to set automatic deletion to document type if there are documents about employees that can only be retained for a certain time.

It is also possible to set automatic deletion on the entire employee act within a stipulated time frame after the person has left the organization, for example after 10 years.

If you are a small larger organization that has many tasks related to employee matters, you can combine SmartHRM with our task management system SmartFlow, which can be tailored to handle employee matters.

Take the first step towards smarter and safer handling of employee records by trying SmartHRM! 


Some of the benefits with SmartHRM are:

Many organizations lack a system for keeping employee records organized. In some cases, physical documents are still stored in hanging folders, binders or file cabinets. In other cases, the documents are scanned and located on some drive. No matter what, it usually makes it difficult to manage and share the documents in the desired way.

With SmartHRM, we offer a cloud-based service to keep the documents belonging to the employee act organized in an orderly manner, which makes the documents easy to find and, where applicable, share. Physical documents are scanned and tagged with correct metadata, while digital documents, including e-mail, can be inserted directly into SmartHRM. All digital documents are text content searchable and if you scan physical documents with OCR they are also text content searchable. In most cases, you do not need to keep the physical copies, but the digital copies are enough. 

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