Smartinfo has been certified according to ISO 27001 and ISO 9001

Smartinfo, which is a leader in digitization of archive and information management, is now one of the few SAAS companies in Sweden (Software as a service) to be certified according to the international standard ISO 27001. The certification refers to information security and covers the Swedish operations. Furthermore, Smartinfo is also certified for ISO 9001 Quality.

Smartinfo handles large amounts of sensitive customer data for many actors in the banking, finance and insurance sectors. Our work with information security is absolutely at the forefront and it is very gratifying that we have reached this milestone. It has been rigorous work where every process and routine has been tested and scrutinized, says William Forssberg, CEO Smartinfo

The work has been going on for just over six months and now it is clear that our systems live up to the requirements that must be applied according to the international standard, ISO/IEC 27001:2013, for information security and ISO9001 for quality assurance.

During the pandemic, we have noticed that more and more and even larger actors are choosing to digitize their operations in order to become less dependent on having people in place in the office. This has led to increased requirements in terms of security, authorization control and process.

Smartinfo is on a growth journey and for us it is of great importance to have confirmation that our solutions, which we have developed for 20 years, live up to the international requirements. It gives us an important competitive advantage and sends a strong message to the market, says Erik Bohlin, founder and sales manager at Smartinfo.

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