About SmartManager

Control authorization and rights over your documents

Many organizations are having issues keeping their document files in order and at the same time provide simple and adaptable solutions for collaboration between employees. 


In recent years cloud-based solutions have grown more and more popular, but in many cases, they offer neither the flexibility nor the structure that the organization wish to achieve, or they are very slow to work with.

Our standalone cloud-based information management system, SmartManager, helps to create structure to the document repository and at the same time it is easy to work with, flexible, secure and easy to implement.


Some of the benefits with SmartManager are:

The person in charge of information management can set the structure and lock it so that everyone follows the same structure, making the task of finding documents easier for everyone.

With SmartManager you can control who has the right to read documents and who has the right to change or delete documents.

You can drag and drop documents straight into the system.

Documents can be marked as favorites for easy access.

You can use notification management linked to the documents

SmartManager also offers version control with revision history so that it is possible to return to the original document after editing.

It is cloud based and offers availability where there is access to the Internet.

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