About SmartScan

Structure and digitize your forms

SmartScan is aimed at customers who receive highly structured information via handwritten or typed forms – applications, amendments, purchase- and/or sales notes, autogiro applications, etc. – and need help with reading and digitization of the information and delivered to them in a digital format. Alternatively, the customer may just want their documents classified and stored in an e-archive for quick and easy search and retrieval.

SmartScan is a distributed scanning service, which means that we install scanners at the customer’s location and then they scan their documents themselves. Primarily this service is for customers where they have a policy decision not to, or legally cannot, have a third party handle their documents. Customers without this limitation can use our SmartMailRoom service instead and we will receive, open, sort and scan the documents for them. 

Through our SmartScan service, scanned material will be encrypted and secure to the digital archive. Each page that is scanned receives a unique ID, which means that you can find original documents without even having to sort them first. Paper and image file are saved in order, which means legal compliance even when working paperless.

In cases where the customer wants help with reading the information, we can, at best, provide a fully automated process where our interpretation service captures, classifies and automates the handling of incoming information which is then delivered directly into their business system. Normally, our delivery is to an SFTP where the customer retrieves the information and imports it into the business system to avoid integration within the firewall. 


Some of the benefits with SmartScan are:

The documents can be stored in archive boxes for final filing without the need for sorting

It is possible to be GDPR compliant without having to locate and erase the physical documents when a customer departs because documents are archived in boxes without structure and finding them is dependent on the digital locator

The documents are automatically interpreted, recorded and archived

You get a complete record over each document in the e-archive

You get a proven solution that has been used for more than 10 years

You can get time savings of up to 80%, this leads to significant cost savings

You get a solution that is very fast to implement and requires little resources on the IT side.

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