What we do

What we do

Digital coordination of information

We help our customers to digitally manage information through our smart cloud services for digitization, mailroom, case management, diary, contract management, document management and personnel records management.

As a start, we help to digitize analog information so that it can be managed together with digital information. Then we can help in the processing chain by adding intelligence to the information management but also by creating fully automated processes. 


We simplify your daily operations

We can simplify the daily operations for many organizations by providing an efficient case management system that can handle all incoming documents, whether they are physical documents, emails, attachments or web forms. We help you scan and digitize all incoming documents so that you can work with all cases digitally in our case management system and store all documents together in our e-archive. We help you organize your documents and achieve better management of your cases, which leads to higher customer satisfaction. If you work with personal data, we make it easier for you to follow GDPR through traceability, authorization management and consolidation. In addition, we help you to streamline your work processes, which in turn leads to noticeable savings.

We can supply complete solutions or standalone modules to complement your existing systems. We work primarily cloud-based and have agile solutions that we can tailor to your specific needs. We have included everything from free text search to full traceability for everything stored in the system to help our customers easily find information and to follow GDPR, both in terms of deleting information and to follow up incidents.

What is also great is that our solutions can be implemented in a short time, at reasonable costs without months of paying for consultancy hours.